Phylogene Specialized Analyses Laboratory Mass Spectrometry


Example of service

- Identification and relative abundance of components (label-free nanoLC-MS/MS) : ingredient characterization
Non-targeted technique for identification and quantitation of 50 most represented proteins in a proteome

- Identification and relative label-free quantitation of samples (label-free nanoLC-MS/MS): biomarkers search, biodiscovery, effect discovery.
Non-targeted and exhaustive technique at the level of 2/3 to 3/4 of whole cell proteome

- Bioinformatics/biostatistics dedicated analysis (CORAVALIDTM)
Technique which favorably allows to exploit all information for a good understanding of phenomenons.

- Bioinformatics/biostatistics dedicated analysis of the microbiome (MicroXploreTM)
Technique which, in addition to CORAVALIDTM for the host, allows to process the microbial proteome data at the functional level, in studies of effects on host and microbiota.

- Perfecting and using of multiplex targeted methods (Multiple Reaction Monitoring)
Technique which is independent from available or to be developed antibodies, and allows to assay several 10th of proteins simultaneously

Serine/threonine mono- and polyphosphorylated phosphoproteins
PTMs modifications after phosphoproteins enrichment

- PTMs
Isoforms Identification (acetylation, oxidation,methylation, ubiquitination…) and comparison by relative relative quantification with nanoLC-MS/MS

Mainly through proteomics, label-free relative quantification of samples or targeted quantification

-Kinome profiling
In untargeted mode, which kinase is under or over expressed in the tissue
-Kinome inhibition profiling
Comparison of conditions with and without inhibitor in an untargeted mode

-Drug inhibition measurement
IC50 of all identifiable kinases in an untargeted mode




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Proteins identification : shotgun proteomics

(1-5 samples)


Digestion, dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis, databases query


Proteins identification

 (6  samples or more)


Digestion, dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis, databases query


Whole protein exact molecular weight determination (2)


On line dessalting, LC-MS/MS analysis, spectra deconvolution, exact mass determination, micro heterogeneity analysis


MRM method quantification

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Digestion, dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis, quantification by isotopic labelled standard range


MRM method development

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Target determination by in vitro and in silico approach , transition determination, physico-chemical parameters optimization, detection and quantification limits determination


Differential analysis , relative quantification by label-free method

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Digestion, dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis, data statistical treatment


Differential analysis , relative quantification by iTRAQTM method

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Digestion, iTRAQTM labelling ,dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis,relative quantification


protein identification

by 2D-LC-MS/MS on line

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Digestion, dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis, databases query


Quantification by SWATH-MS method

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Digestion, dessalting by SPE, LC-MS/MS analysis, components quantification


  1.  Applicable to protein extracts, contact us for any other sample type
  2.  Applicable only to purified proteins


Any service will be formalized by a quotation that will precise :

  • Type of analysis
  • Results transmission practical details ,
  • Analysis allotted time,
  • Price,
  • Sample size to be sent,
  • Sampling parctical details,
  • Information for samples delivery,

At samples arrival, you will be informed of anything not conform to the order


A contract may be drawn up according to your needs. (lien vers formulaire de contact)


Phylogene is an ISO 17025 accreditated laboratory by COFRAC (n° 1-2128).

Phylogene is member of V03E et V03B AFNOR standardization commissions as well as CEN WG12 working group on the allergens (lien vers Qualité site Phylo)


Our continuous care is to offer you the shortest delays and the best prices. The prices are adapted to the samples number.

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